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Fun Facts About Coney Island's Astroland Amusement Park

Coney Island's Astroland Amusement Park was a spectacular tourist attraction that visitors from all over the world visited for decades after it opened in 1962. Adults and children alike marveled at the park's magnificent rides, the famous "Coney Dog," the friendliness of the locals and the many games, arcades and restaurants. In the summer, it was the place to go whether you were a tourist or a local.

Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park: Gone but never forgotten

In 2008, this incredible part of Americana that reminded so many of a more innocent age closed. Families can forever look at their photo albums of days gone by and remember the excitement of standing in line to ride the Ferris wheel or visit the arcades. The memories of anxiously standing in line awaiting to order the succulent and filling "Coney Dog" treat leaves recollections of happy times spent with family that you can, if you close your eyes, almost taste. They are that memorable, and they are that delicious because they bring that much joy.

Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park is part of the American psyche

When iconic places close, people often feel nostalgic because of their memories and the fact that the world is changing at such a rapid speed.They cling to their memories and photographs and remind themselves of times when families gathered together and took the quintessential family vacation road trip, often to Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park. Rather than lamenting days gone by, they can discuss their memories and pass them along to their children and grandchildren. They can show them the photographs their parents took of them with cotton candy in hand, their Cheshire cat grins and the anticipation they had as they knew they were next in line to ride the Ferris wheel. They can also smile as they realize that although times and places change, new parks are opening, and new generations can experience what Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park offered as they can take that wild ride again with their Cheshire cat grins.

Coney Island Astroland Amusement Park remains unforgettable. It is part of Americana and part of its rich history. People continue to cherish their unique memories of this wonderful park as they find new places to enjoy with family and friends.