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Variants of the Break Dance at Astroland

Even for those who have never been to Coney Island, they are probably familiar with the huge amusement area. Astroland, the amusement park located at Coney Island, was the main attraction from 1957 until 2008.

All those spinny rides

Astroland, of Coney Island fame, is home to many fun spinny rides, such as the Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl. By the time riders undergo a few spins, their tummies are queasy, yet they want more. One of the popular rides is the Break Dance, a ride created in 1985 as a tribute to the break dancing rage going on across the US; soon, there were quite a few variations.

Breaking off from the Break Dance

The Break Dance started off as an inclined dodecagonal about 20 meters wide and containing four hubs, each with four two-person cars. This gives makes for a total of 16 cars. The platform spins one way while the hubs and cars spin another way, creating a very dizzying ride! HUSS, the company that created Break Dance, decided that its popularity warranted creating a few variants one of the most popular rides at Astroland.

Spinning it out

HUSS created 3 variants from the original. Break Dance 2 added two hubs of four cars. The platform size for Break Dance 3 is 18 meters wide with a more cone-shaped slope. With the smaller size, it is more appealing to the traveling amusement company. Break dance 4 received the nickname "Rodeo." Instead of a platform, three four-car "crews" are connected to a central point. Without the platform there is no slope, so the spinning action is not as dizzying as the other variants.

Now that Astroland is closed, the legacy of that beloved ride carries on in many countries. In the US, there are at least seven variants located throughout the country. None of them compare to the originals in the minds of most fans, who fondly remember their youthful experiences at the one and only Coney Island.